Business or Non-Profit

Fiduciary Financial Partners for Your Business or Non-profit

Does Your C-Suite Have a Chief Retirement Officer?

Chances are, no one in your organization is an expert in retirement plans, nor do they need to be. When you hire Fiduciary Financial Partners, we step into that role, becoming an extension of your team. We offer the experience & expertise to help your business or nonprofit navigate the complexities associated with retirement plans. We have the know-how and bandwidth to effectively manage your employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Retirement Plan Advisory & Consulting

Retirement Plan Advisory & Consulting

We consult with owners, executives, directors and managers on the installation and ongoing management of employer-sponsored
retirement plans. Fiduciary Financial Partners can help you:

  • Design the plan
  • Select service providers
  • Select prudent investments
  • Provide ongoing monitoring, operational support, plan governance support and audit support
  • Provide financial education and wellness to your team
  • Our rigorous fiduciary support process brings to small and mid-sized plans a level of service historically reserved for mega-plans.

An Extra Benefit:

Financial planning and consulting services for your key people

Offering financial planning as a fringe benefit to your executive/leadership team can set your company apart when top candidates are scarce. This service is available as an additional offering to organizations that hire us for retirement plan advisory and consulting.

Our 3-Step Process Ensures Alignment Between
Your Retirement Plan & Your Broader Organizational Goals

Our complimentary 3-step process showing you how to simplify retirement planning for either yourself or your business.

This process will also help you evaluate our services and make an informed decision about working together.